Why I love cooking healthily –

For me, cooking healthy is an experience full of good feelings from start to finish and with an after effect !
For me it is wellness and self-love but I also do something good for my fellow human beings who eat with me and for the environment.

When shopping:

Just shopping at the market or health food shop makes me feel better because I know I am supporting the environment, using less to no plastic and buying the freshest food that smells great with nutrients.

In the preparation:

With fruit and vegetables, I can leave the peel on – just wash it well – which means I get much more out of my purchase and most of the vitamins are behind the peel and often lost during peeling.
I feel directly connected to nature because I can touch everything with my hands and I don’t have to worry about pesticides or bad bacteria.

When eating:

Organic food – especially fruits and vegetables – often have a much more intense taste that is noticeable when you compare.
Every single ingredient counts and stands out, so I automatically eat with more mindfulness.

After the meal:

I feel light, not too full but pleasantly full. This usually lasts for a longer time, so I don’t get into snacking so quickly. I also feel refreshed and energised – especially after lunch, I’ve come to really appreciate this.

Long-term effects:

I have regular, good digestion with no discomfort. My skin is clear and more radiant and I am hardly ever sick – a clear sign that my immune system is also strengthened by my healthy cooking.