Rea Fremereyure

Abdominal pain, flatulence, constant craving for any kind of sweets, lack of energy, growing anxiety, trouble with my body… Those were my daily issues for my whole life. 

The day I received a pre-diagnosis for endometriosis I decided I have to change something drastically. This was the time I got to know the power of healthy food. 

Replacing sugar, white flour and hidden additives with a variety of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds I felt a huge changing happening. My stomach started to actually feel good, flatulence stopped, I barely needed sweets anymore, my daily level of energy grew intensely and I felt strong. 

I connected with my body in a complete new way and started to actually like it – for the first time of my life! Even the symptoms of my endometriosis decreased and for the first time ever since I am menstruating (15 years) I experienced some periods without any cramps at all!!! Unbelievable. I realised: the well-being of my whole body is influenced by the things I eat. If I treat my body well it’ll pay me back in a quality of life I never would have dreamed of before.

Clara helped a lot in this process. Not only did she give me new ideas for delicious meals and snacks, she also opened my mind for this huge new, fantastique world within me – my microbiome. Her knowledge helped me to understand why and how my life quality depends exceedingly on the way I nourish myself.

I am grateful to know that in case of doubts or concerns I can always confide in Clara and her knowledge. Thank you for that!

Nicole Hoyer Garcia

Your gut life is far more than a program that helps you when your mind and body is in chaos, its somebody who cares and understands your needs and knows how to make you understand, which i thought is the hardest part.

But Clara did not just made it very interesting to learn about microbiomes she knew how to inspire me with easy and delish meals, that fit perfectly in everyones daily life.

I feel like i got the energy back that i missed for so long and all around i feel like my digestive system high fives me every single day for the changes i made!

Very proud to be part of the gut life community

Courtenay Kleu

I’m absolutely loving learning about my gut health.

The recipes are super easy, quick and healthy. I’m already seeing improvements with my digestion… and my happiness levels come to think of it.

You’ve also managed to make it simple to implement and not so intimidating. I’m already looking forward to my next session where I can learn more!:)

Julie-Anne Else


After I started being part of your program and your gut life community and eating correctly as well as taking care of “my gut health”.

I am energetic and not tired anymore, I have no more issues sleeping, I am not stressed!! I feel happy, healthy and have lost a considerable amount of weight!

This truly changed my life.

Luisa Eckert

So good to know all of these things about a healthy gut! It’s so interesting to find out what the gut is responsible for!

Especially the simple recipes help me to eat healthier in my everyday life!

They are so easy to use and really help support my immune system! So important in these times of corona.
I already feel fitter and notice how good it is for my body!

Thank u so much Clara, for your great tips and for helping me to be more connected to my body and health!

I’m looking forward to get more tips to get even more healthier!