Rea Fremereyure

Since I bought the Bowel Relaxation Programme, my irritable bowel symptoms have decreased significantly. I no longer feel constantly bloated and can finally wear what I want. The vagus nerve routine and yoga for the gut have made a huge difference. It was the most effective and focused approach I found after many years of trial and error.

Nicole Hoyer Garcia

Thanks to the Bowel Relaxation Programme, I feel better not only physically, but also mentally. My fatigue, depression and anxiety have noticeably reduced. The targeted stimulation of my vagus nerve has a positive effect on my mood and general well-being. Finally, I have the energy again to engage in unpredictable situations and experience adventures

Courtenay Kleu

The Bowel Relaxation Programme has changed my life. After years of suffering from irritable bowel symptoms and fear of unpredictable situations, I finally have my freedom back. I can go out to eat again without constant worry and be there for my loved ones without being restricted by my discomfort. It was a breakthrough I was looking for for a long time.

I can highly recommend the additional personal counselling! It was an absolute enrichment for me. I finally had the opportunity to address my individual needs and challenges again. Clara helped me to develop a tailored vagus nerve routine and tailor my yoga practice to my gut. I now feel more confident and supported on my journey to improve my gut health

Julie-Anne Else


After I started being a part of your gut relief programme and the great community, it finally hit me. All these years of trying so many things and your method is the first one that finally gave me lasting relief from my symptoms.

I fit into my favourite clothes again, I’m energetic and have started yoga again, my digestion is regular, I don’t have problems sleeping anymore and I’m much more relaxed!!! I feel happy, healthy and have even lost weight!

It has really changed my life.

Luisa Eckert

I am so grateful for the Bowel Relaxation Programme! After many years of struggling with irritable bowel symptoms and a limited quality of life, I have finally found a solution. The holistic approach, including yoga for the gut and targeted exercises for the vagus nerve, has calmed my gut and my mind. I can enjoy life again and focus on what really matters.

I did a personal consultation afterwards as part of the Bowel Relaxation Programme. I finally had the opportunity to discuss my specific symptoms and problems with someone who really knows. The individual guidance has helped me overcome my fears and insecurities around my gut health. The care and support have made a huge difference to me on my journey to recovering my health. Thank you Clara !