Fun facts about me

  1. I was born in Hannover the city were they speak the cleanest German “Oxford – German”
  2. My star sign is taurus – I guess that explains my stubbornness: always with my scull through the wall
  3. My middle name is Sophie
  4. I lived for 3 years in South Africa – I still call Cape Town my second home
  5. I took a trip around the world after graduating from high school 
  6. I love trampoline jumping – although sadly I used to be more confident when I was a child
  7. I would love to go to the school of Hogwarts – I mean flying in broom sticks and playing with wands?!
  8. When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist
  9. I watch all Harry Potter movies 1/year before Christmas that gets me in the mood
  10. I have the best ideas in the shower 
  11. I feel most comfortable in the kitchen – this was not always the car I use to hate cooking can you believe it?!
  12. I prefer to eat sitting on the floor – especially on comfortable carpets
  13. I love the butterflies in my stomach when swinging – this has not stopped since I was a child
  14. I love to parachute – have jumped 3 times already. My first one was a surprise on my 18. birthday by my mom – she jumped with me!
  15. I like to use my hands when cooking – learned this from my dad who uses his hands rather than spoons to mix salads, oven potatoes etc. it really connects you with your ingredients and food
  16. I love to wake up in nature nothing better than watching the rising sun coming through the trees in a forrest and the mist slowly lifting
  17. I like to stand on my head – as a child I was known for standing on my head and my friends used to stop the time and feed me sweets while I was standing upside down
  18. I like to paint on steamy shower walls – often leave my husband a message
  19. I hate it when the toilet roll is hanging the wrong way around
  20. I love to clean out and throw away – no matter if its my own stuff which in the past has made some people angry 😀 I guess I was a bit over – ambitious
  21. I clean when I am hungover – I think its my way of clearing my conscience
  22. I love to do yoga in the morning – I have my 15 min sequence that just brings me in the right mood
  23. I love the smell of organic shops – I immediately feel that I am doing something good for myself
  24. I love to harvest my own vegetables – we have a farm around the corner were I go to do so every now and then
  25. I have watched the Friends series at least 3 times already – it seems to comfort me
  26. I’ve been on a mostly vegan diet for 1 year but love a South African BBQ every now and then 
  27. I love to dive and try to make 1 dive in each sea – I don’t know when this commitment started but I ALWAYS have to swim no matter the weather
  28. My favorite thing to do is ride the chain carousel at the county fair
  29. Plan best on a Sunday hike in the woods with my husband 
  30. I love the smell of fire
  31. I love to sleep outside in the summer
  32. Get in a good mood after eating delicious and healthy food
  33. Love the smell and taste of coffee but drink it only on weekends 
  34. Only wear clothes made of fabrics I feel comfortable in 
  35. Don’t buy vegetables or fruits in plastic anymore 
  36. Love to dance but only when no one is watching 
  37. I can’t be at the beach without swimming in the sea –
  38. I must always have neat fingernails
  39. I love the smell of flower stores and nurseries – if all else fails I would work there in a heartbeat
  40. I would like to live in Hawaii for a while and learn sustainable farming there
  41. I love the smell of horses and riding through nature once in a while, preferably galloping on the beach. 
  42. I dream of holding my workshops in my own vegetable garden
  43. I get hungry after eating an apple – yep I can literally make myself hungry
  44. I get hungry exactly 1 hour after I wake up
  45. I cry easily at sad movie scenes 
  46. I like the smell of gasoline – although I know its bad
  47. When I eat meat, I like the fat the best
  48. I love to spend sunsets on the beach 
  49. I meditate every day after lunch and then need chocolate to wake up
  50. When I have to do something I am not keen to do I start organizing closets
  51. Often start crying while I sing along old songs that remind me of my childhood