Author: Your Gut Life

Why I love cooking healthily –

For me, cooking healthy is an experience full of good feelings from start to finish and with an after effect !For me it is wellness and self-love but I also do something good for my fellow human beings who eat with me and for the environment. When shopping: Just shopping at the market or health […]

What is (gut) -healthy nutrition?

Everyone is talking about the gut, but why and how do I nourish my gut? Hippocrates already knew that every disease begins in the gut and that food is our medicine. There are trillions of small bacteria in our intestines – more precisely in the large intestine – most of which are friendly and essential […]

Fun facts about me

I was born in Hannover the city were they speak the cleanest German “Oxford – German” My star sign is taurus – I guess that explains my stubbornness: always with my scull through the wall My middle name is Sophie I lived for 3 years in South Africa – I still call Cape Town my second […]