About me…

My name is Clara Carey and I am the founder of Your Gut Life. 

After I graduated as a biologist, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and very quickly realized that there seems to be a “miracle pill” for every ailment. I kept asking myself; if there is so much medicine, why do more and more people get sick anyway? Are people really being helped?

I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry and studied nutritional science at the University of Stanford. 

I also took a course in functional nutrition and was able to learn from the leading experts in this field. 

 What I soon learned is that the solution lies at the end of your fork or as Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

We, humans, are largely controlled by bacteria. Mainly friendly bacteria that sit in our stomach. 

 Billions of different species like in a rainforest. Each species is unique and has a specific function and food preference. 

 They are like friendly roommates that produce our essential vitamins, they produce happiness hormones, they control our sleep and how much energy we have, they influence our weight, our hunger, our skin and hair and they control 70% of our immune system!  

Scientists have linked the diversity of these roommates in our gut to longevity. Basically, the more different types of roommates you have in your gut, literally the longer and healthier you live. 

Studies have also shown that there is a link between a balanced gut flora and lower risk of depression – 90% of your happiness Hormone serotonin is produced in your gut. So what you eat directly affects how happy or sad you are! And they influence so much more…

But, the crazy thing is – all we have to do is provide these friendly roommates in our stomach with the correct food they need to live and work for us. 

And the answer does not lie in taking as many supplements and diets as possible or eliminating food. It is much easier

My passion is to help people understand, that more often than not the solution lies at the end of your fork. 

I want to raise awareness and help you to realize that there is hope and it doesn’t involve expansive medication or regular visits to the doctor it just involves loving and nurturing these little roommates in our stomach. 

If you suffer from low energy, anxiety, mood swings, sleeping disorders, frequent infections, allergies, weight gain or you are uncertain what your body needs, I can help you. Most of these problems have their origin in the gut.

I will show you a way that helped many other women before you to build up a sustainable and gut strengthening diet that will be easy to implement even during your busy day.  

Together, we will create the most important thing and that is a healthy and sustainable basis from which you can achieve all your goals in a simple and healthy way.